Making History

What is history? How is it made? Who determines what makes it to the history books and what doesn’t? The dictionary definition of history is that it is the study of past events. I want to propose that for some events in history, they were not important when the event took place, but looking back at them gave a true identification of their importance and they made it to the history books. How would you describe this year?

I would say that 2020 is definitely a historic year. We have identified it as such because of the pandemic. But are there many more events happening within the pandemic that we have missed or discountenanced as unimportant? I believe so, but time will tell. When we look back on this year, we will identify those important events and we will put them on the record.

There is another aspect to history. The personal aspect. So when the world is recording the historical events of this year, pandemic and so on, I will be recording my own history; the events that make this year memorable for me. And there are so many of them! Unless you look back, it is easy to get so engrossed in current events that you fail to realise that the past also has a lot to offer.

I am not an advocate of living in the past. But we have a backview mirror for a reason. Sometimes it helps to peek into the past to be able to move forward into the future. And because 2020 started just like an ordinary year, we didn’t label it or value it as an exceptional year from the beginning. For me, it was the year when many things were supposed to happen and my life was supposed to fall into place. I had high expectations. Early in the year, in January, I launched my first novel. The event was a success and it just launched the year for me. Little did I know that the pandemic was just around the corner!

Now, eight months later, things are waking up again and I am grateful. I am grateful for the non-events that happened in the period. I call them non-events because they seem small, little, petty even; but deep in my heart I know, that they are important to laying the foundation of a new beginning which I am now stepping into. It is interesting how the foundation of a house is hidden, but without that foundation, the house could not stand. I think that is what has happened to me during this pandemic. My foundations were shaken and I spent the time rebuilding and repairing. I am glad I’m still here to continue the work!

So, without being held back, I push for what is ahead. There are high hopes for 2021 and by God’s grace, may it be for us, a year of recovery and strength. May we get double for our trouble and may the favour of God rain down on us. Amen. It’s interesting that I’m already looking at 2021, when this year is not over yet. But I am already preparing and walking into 2021 even now.

What is God’s plan for 2021? What is the top item on God’s mind for us? I don’t know. But as we look expectantly and pray to Him, He will make it known. Right now, we continue living out this remarkable year, believing that He will perfect everything that He has started and bring us to the end of 2020 better than we were at the beginning. One assurance we have is that God is in it all, working out His counsel and His purposes. Although we do not understand it now, we know that He is in control. As we prepare to enter into the last quarter of 2020, strap up your boots and lift up your heads, and let us run the race that He has set before us.


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