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#End SARS – A New Nigeria?

I wrote about the widespread protests against police brutality in Nigeria last week. Across the country, in several cities, youths came out to call for an end to police brutality and the ending of SARS, the Special Anti Robbery Squad,…

Justice, Life

Ending Police Brutality

For a few days now, Nigerian youth have taken to the streets protesting the brutality of a special police squad, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and calling for its dissolution. In a dramatic move, the Inspector General of Police announced…

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The Pattern of Moses

I was listening to an audio book talking about how God led His people through the wilderness and provided for their every need. In the book, the author described Moses’ life and all he went through to become the person…

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Sometimes we find ourselves embroiled in things that seem beyond our ability to resolve. Like my pastor said on Sunday, “when our backs are against the wall, and it looks as if it is over!” Those times. Remember the agony of waiting for a change? Waiting for God to show up? Anticipating His moves but not being sure exactly how He’s going to do it? That is where I am today.

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Making History

Now, eight months later, things are waking up again and I am grateful. I am grateful for the non-events that happened in the period. I call them non-events because they seem small, little, petty even; but deep in my heart I know, that they are important to laying the foundation of a new beginning which I am now stepping into. It is interesting how the foundation of a house is hidden, but without that foundation, the house could not stand. I think that is what has happened to me during this pandemic. My foundations were shaken and I spent the time rebuilding and repairing. I am glad I’m still here to continue the work!

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School Or Not?

I feel like this is the time to match on with fortitude. We have come this far already. We must keep pushing to a victorious ending, with hope of a much better and glorious life after the pandemic. The days are here.

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Exploring Lamentations

? I recently came across the concept of lamentation. Lamenting to God and telling Him exactly how I feel, without holding back or mincing words. I understand that He can take it. He can take my lamentations without lashing out at me, because He is good.

He received the lamentations of David, of Jeremiah, of Ezekiel, of Abraham, even of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. I am allowed to lament. It is healthy to do so.