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School Or Not?

Happy New Month, Folks! Let’s congratulate each other. We are still here, still going strong in this nineth month of Year 2020! Awesome! All thanks to God who keeps preserving us and perfecting His will in our lives!

So, September has come and we would ordinarily be preparing for school resumptions. As things stand, we know Government has that intention. Tertiary institutions are resuming or have resumed. But the jury is still out for secondary and primary schools. How do we handle that? My daughter is still taking classes online. Her school has tried to prepare us that sometime during this first term, we will go back to physical classes. But, as a parent, I ask myself, “Am I ready for that? Do I trust that the school will take necessary precautions to prevent infection? What about their boarding spaces? Are they willing to change the bed arrangements to allow for social distancing? Is social distancing even possible, if ten students are sleeping in a room, no matter how far apart their beds are?

I feel for the children. My daughter misses the interaction with friends and classmates. Online classes are not exactly the same as physical classes. What about other activities that cannot be taken online? Sports activities, music and other club activities? What makes up for that? My daughter has been home for about six months now. We will definitely have to buy a fresh set of school uniforms for the resumption when it happens.

Will the students feel safe, going back to school, whether it is a day school or a boarding school? How do we ensure that only Covid-free children resume school? How do we ensure teachers remain safe and healthy? What happens if there’s an outbreak in school?

There are still so many questions to answer, in my opinion. Yet, I know that at some point, life has to return to normal. Children have to go back to school.

How are the schools preparing? In the last six months, how have they maintained their facilities? Are the school buildings and facilities still in good condition for students to occupy? What policies will Government put in place to ensure hassle-free resumption?

Believe me, as a parent, I see more questions than answers. Someone has to start providing the answers. It is only then that I would be comfortable with resumption of physical classes. Maybe I am being paranoid, but the risk still exists, because Covid-19 is still out there.

Anyway, moving on from that issue, which has been on top of my mind. How are you coping in the new normal? It’s good to see that churches are resuming physical services, a lot more businesses are opening up their offices and life is taking shape again. A new shape. Not exactly like the old. Our airports are opening up for international flights. There is hope that the COVID curve will flatten out and at some point, hopefully before the end of this year, we will breathe a sigh of relief. Hopefully.

I feel like this is the time to match on with fortitude. We have come this far already. We must keep pushing to a victorious ending, with hope of a much better and glorious life after the pandemic. The days are here.

This reminds me of the experience of the Israelites on the night of the Passover. They kept a vigil through the night, in anticipation of freedom the next day. It wasn’t an easy vigil. Because, as they waited, they were surrounded by the cries of the Egyptians who were in deep mourning. They must have feared for their own lives, in spite of the blood covering. They must have felt pity for the Egyptians too. Maybe some mixed feelings. They must have been joyful for the plunder they obtained from the Egyptians. Indeed, a flurry of emotions must have been raging.

I feel this is where we are. At the fringes of destiny, of purpose, of a new day. It’s happening, and we are happy, anxious, elated and anticipatory of even greater joy, the joy of freedom and deliverance. It is a moment in history and we are privileged to be alive to see it. Whatever you do, don’t underestimate this season. And definitely don’t let it pass you by. May we partake in the full benefits of all that God has prepared for this time and may our testimonies overflow, to the glory of His name. Amen!

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