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Troubled Waters

Why is it that seemingly overnight, the nation has turned into a war zone? Kidnappings everywhere, ethnic clashes, terrorist attacks, bandit attacks, traffic robberies, insecurity, name it. All of these happenings are ruining the peace of the populace and yet, no voice from the top leadership. Do they no have anything to say and do for the people of Nigeria?

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Leaders Arise!

Who will deliver us from these leaders? Do we have any Moses’ growing up in the Pharaoh’s palace? Any Joseph in prison? Any Daniels in exile? This is the time to show up, and deliver this country from itself.

Justice, Life

#End SARS – A New Nigeria?

I wrote about the widespread protests against police brutality in Nigeria last week. Across the country, in several cities, youths came out to call for an end to police brutality and the ending of SARS, the Special Anti Robbery Squad,…

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Ending Police Brutality

For a few days now, Nigerian youth have taken to the streets protesting the brutality of a special police squad, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and calling for its dissolution. In a dramatic move, the Inspector General of Police announced…