Leaders Arise!

I have made a conscious effort not to be unduly concerned about happenings in the country in the last few months. But can you leave a fire smouldering in your roof and go to bed? Maybe I am alone in this, but I would like to know, does anyone understand exactly what is happening?

For the last two years or so, our country has been mismanaged or not managed at all. From my point of view, it appears we do not have anyone in the seat of power. No one appears to be ruling and the country has gone astray, like a horse running lose without a rider. Please do tell, can you feel it or is it just me?

The Yorubas will say “an elderly person cannot be in the market and watch a newborn awkwardly placed on it’s mother’s back” Are we so desensitized that we no longer care what the politicians are up to? If this sky falls, it will come down on all our heads and we might not have anywhere else to run. If we haven’t learnt any lesson from the recent pandemic, we should learn this: when real trouble comes, the option of checking out might not be there. How many people were able to travel for their regular medical check up in the last one year? If you had a visa, you couldn’t use it. We were all stuck here. Is this not a warning?

If we cannot work to make our country habitable and safe, we might not have anywhere to run to when the fire starts. Everywhere you look now, there are smoulderings. In the North with Boko Haram, ethnic and religious clashes, mass kidnappings that make no sense. In the South with MASSOB and related agitations, Fulani herdsmen attacks, ethnic uprisings and the like. Is there anyone at all interested in the welfare of the populace? The ENDSARS issue is still there, just beneath the surface. To top it all, we have an economy that is struggling and a Government that keeps increasing prices, oblivious of the plight of its people. How long will things go on like this?

Am I a lone voice or does anyone see what I see? In the midst of this pandemic, when people are grieving the loss of loved ones, loss of business and high cost of living, our Government is far removed from the people. We do not see them, nor feel them, nor hear them. We are as a people abandoned to our own fate. How else do you explain mass kidnappings that keep happening successfully? I would assume it should be difficult to kidnap one person. But when huge numbers are kidnapped regularly, is this not a challenge to our Government? I see it as an affront to the security forces. What strategies do the kidnappers have that has consistently defied our security set up? Do we have any set up to combat such crimes? What comfort can the people hope to derive from a Government as incompetent as the one we have?

I feel helpless because we voted in this group of people and we have continued to put up with their ineptitude. Who will deliver us from these leaders? Do we have any Moses’ growing up in the Pharaoh’s palace? Any Joseph in prison? Any Daniels in exile? This is the time to show up, and deliver this country from itself. We need help now. Yes, prayer must continue. But in addition to that, it is time to raise the Deborahs and the Esthers. It is time to birth a strong team of purpose-driven leaders who will carry this country out of the depths it has sunk into, to take its rightful place among top nations of the world. The time is now.

Let the deliverers arise!

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