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1 Down, 11 To Go!

January is rounding up! It used to be said that January is the longest month of the year, around these parts. This is usually because of a number of things. First, after the parties, celebrations and hyper activities of the two weeks of Christmas and New Year, people tend to be worn out, so they take some time out early in January to recover. Also, as a result of the spending involved, people find that they have a whole lot more month left than money, they can’t wait for another payday to come. Third, for those who pay school fees, there’s the added expense of school fees paid in January so, the month-end can’t come fast enough.

This January was different for me though. Yes, I was broke like a lot of people, but I was also busy. I was so busy that I didn’t have time to focus on my broke state. I was doing so many things that the days flew by. I had to be deliberate to go through each day, making sure I covered all my bases. 2020 is a leap year indeed. The year hit the ground running and it’s been leaping ever since! I don’t know if you share my experience? God is so awesome! So many things are opening up to me and I feel so grateful for all I see. And even more thankful for the things that I don’t see yet.

This year, I feel it is important to keep pushing forward, regardless of whether you see the progress or not because it will eventually come. When Abraham sent Eliezer his servant to go and find a wife for Isaac, he was specifically instructed to go to Abraham’s family in Mesopotamia, as Abraham refused to let Isaac marry any of the Canaanites around them. Eliezer left with a promise to do so. When he got to Nahor, he went to the wells and prayed that God should grant him favour, so that the woman he asks to fetch water for him will be the one. We know the story. Eliezer made a statement afterward that “as for me, being on the way, the Lord led me”. This is the season of being in the way, for the Lord to lead us. We need to take that first step and believe Him to meet us on the way.

This year, our community of believers is taking this year as our fearless year: fearless faith, fearless worship, fearless flourishing and fearlessly launching out into the deep. We intend to be bold and courageous this year, knowing that all of our strength and courage will come from God, but putting our faith in Him and stepping out of our comfort zones. We believe like Joshua and Caleb that regardless of the economy and the environment we live in, we are able to go up and take the land because God is able to deliver it into our hands. How is this different from previous years, you might ask? This year, we take on boldness and courage and we step out. We are not letting the things we see deter us. At the crossing of the Jordan, the priests were instructed to step into the waters, unlike the parting of the Red Sea, when the people stepped in only after the water had parted. The priests were in the water before it parted. This necessarily means that we must seek God and listen for His instructions. Once we receive those words, we move. His grace will abound to us as we do so.

The progress and increase that is coming are also not just targeted at our careers, businesses or for economic empowerment. We are anticipating a rain of spiritual growth, increase, and abundance. We believe for a great outpouring of the Spirit of God and His manifestations in our lives, in such a way that will lead to the taking of territories, restoration, salvation, healing, and deliverance.  God is doing a mighty work in our lives this year. The words of Isaiah 43:19 come to mind: “Behold I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” NKJV

Our expectations are high and we must continue to fire the flame of our expectations in prayer, in fasting, in praise and worship, and in seeking His face. He has said it and He will surely bring it to pass. This grace is not for us alone, but for everyone who is willing to be a partaker of His lavish generosity in this season. The Lord’s name is praised.

So, lift up the hands that hang down and strengthen your weak knees; make straight paths for your feet. Lay aside the weights and sins, to run with patience, this race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of our faith.   We thank God for January and we look forward to beautiful February.

One down, eleven more to go by God’s grace!

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