Whispering Hope

Today feels like one of those days when I’m asking, ‘Lord, how long?’ I’m just a bit travel weary and in need of some rest and tender, loving care. Physically, I have been enduring pain in my back for about two months and finally got the courage to go to the hospital. I got loaded with drugs with which I have been told, I am not allowed to drive. Taking the drugs left me quite groggy and I found out I am allergic to something, waking up with rashes on my face and swollen eyes. I suspect the drugs, so I’ve stopped taking them. The pain came back and I am not enjoying myself at all. Hence, my crying out to God. We don’t appreciate good health until we don’t have it. I can’t wait for the pain to go!

So, here I am. Not really feeling up to writing much today. Sitting up is a bit painful. So is lying down. So, I’m encouraging myself. I need to make another trip to the hospital. While summoning the strength to drive all the way, I urge you to enjoy this poem. Let it whisper hope to your heart and bless you, the same way it is blessing me now.



When I am happy and blessed

When my laughter rings out

And it is heard before I am seen

When my praise is endless

And the songs come unbidden

When all in life looks good

And the fragrance of flowers abound

When rain is showers of blessing

And all around me is shining

I know You are with me, always with me.


When my eyes are red with tears

And my heart is heavier than my body

When all around me is dark and foreboding

When the sunlight looks dark and dreary

When sorrow is overbearing

And there is no comfort to be found

When freedom seems forgone

And solutions are elusive

When all I can do is cry out

I know You are with me, always with me.


In sickness and in health

In joy and in pain

Amidst sorrow and crying

In want and in plenty

Anytime I lift up my voice

Whenever I call for You

I know You are with me, always with me.


Your eyes are always open

You never slumber nor sleep

You never forsake nor reject me

Underneath are Your everlasting arms

Your promises are sure and forever

Yes and Amen is what they are

Whenever I call, even before I speak

I know You are with me, always with me.


What better hope or promise

What better comfort sought

Where strength is renewed

Hope realized again

As I look into Your radiance

And find the love You give.


© Kikelomo Kuponiyi September 2019

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