We’llMourn You Well

It’s a new month, and somehow it’s just a bit difficult to rejoice. I am grateful to God for life and well being. I thank Him for my family and all the good things He has surrounded me with. I don’t have any reason to be less than grateful. What irks me is the pandemic that is still here. In May! Yet, we will not lose hope. God has a plan. And we will keep looking to Him until we see His deliverance. In what appears to be a long journey.

Today, I share a poem that reflects the current situation.



We heard the sound of it from afar off

It came from the land, many oceans away

We did not fear it

We needed not to

It was too far away

To give concern


Then we heard of it

In countries loved

Still far away but nearer now

We tilt an ear to news of it

Our daughters are in that land

Let it not be said

That they are touched

Let prayers be said

To cover our own

We will not be moved

It is far away


The shakers now herald it

The drumbeats speak of it

This thing has touched our Queen’s land

Uncle Sam is in its grip

We sit to listen to the news

Our hearts are in our mouths

It is no longer far away

We see it in our streets


At first, it strikes the rich and kin

It strikes the palace chiefs

And then we look and it is here

Among the multitude


We run indoors and close our doors

Yet ravaging it is

A man down here, a woman there

They die with no respite


Our towns are shut down for a week

For two we stay indoors

For two more weeks

We stay and wait

The poor cry out for food


The streets are clear,

There is no sound

The enemy is gone

Or so we think

We rush out then

In glee, for food and bread


Alas, Alas, we did not know

The enemy lurks still

A fever, a cough,

Sore throat and pain

The virus is here,

It never left!


Go home, stay home

Goes out the cry

It’s here, it is!

It never left!


We leave the bread

We leave the dough

To tend the sick

To pack the dead


We dare not mourn

Or cry today,

Survive we must

With grit and hope


We’ll come to mourn when all is well

When fear is gone and all alive

We’ll find the graves, we’ll put the flowers

When we can breathe without the mask


Sleep on dear friend,

Rest well dear ones

We’ll mourn you well

When we are well.

© Kikelomo Kuponiyi May 6, 2020

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