Hello, Friends! I hope I may call you that! I had a major break in transmission, during which I had some work done on my website. It took a bit longer than I had planned. In between, I also had some downtime on my side. Anyway, here I am! Back to our gists and musings. If you’re new to my blog, you’re very welcome. Please subscribe to ensure you get every new post. I post about life and faith weekly on Thursdays. If you’ve been following me before now, you’re also welcome. It’s a new day.

As we draw near to the end of this year 2020, it is still amazing to me that we have come this far. At the beginning of the year, I had many hopes and dreams. I’ve written about these before now. As we all know, along the way came this pandemic that threw everything askew! It brought the world to a total standstill! The entire world, not just Nigeria, where I live, or Africa. But the whole wide world! Exceptional. It’s been a very trying experience for me and I guess for many people. This is us, survivors, speaking.

Why am I going over what we all know is true? It is to allow us to look at what we went through again and appreciate our survival. Have we truly survived? Well, so far, yes. But the battle continues in the face of the second wave rising up all over the world. We still have to be careful, putting on our masks, washing hands and keeping safe distances from people. We must not be tired of doing this. We must be grateful that we are alive to continue the struggle. There is good coming at the end of it all and we are better for it.

Have you grown through this pandemic? Are you the same as you’ve always been? Or have you noticed some muscles where there used to be flab? I can tell you, I’ve grown some. But before then, I fell flat on my face. It beat me down before I got up and started getting my life back together. The Bible says if you faint in the day of adversity, then your strength is small. (Prov.24:10) I discovered my strength was small, and I needed to build up. I retreated into my shell, shocked, disappointed and vulnerable. But God is faithful, isn’t He? He has held my hand and has been teaching me and guiding me back to strength. For that, I am grateful.

So, what has this year 2020 taught you? I have learnt that it is not over until it is over. A righteous man may fall seven times, but he will get up again. (Prov.24:16). That is what the grace of God provides, the ability to start over again. I am learning not to give up, but to be focused, tenacious and trusting. Trusting God to continue what He has started in me and to finish it. I have learnt that this journey is really between me and God. I love the brethren and fellowship is good. But when push comes to shove, I better be holding on to God tightly. Finally, Ive learnt that God loves me. Especially when I feel He shouldn’t. His love for me transcends my behaviour or my ability to reciprocate His love. When I was still a sinner, He loved me and gave His Son for me. His love is eternal and always reaching out to me. I have learnt to throw myself in His arms.

This year 2020 will no doubt go down in history for many reasons. Both in personal history and in national and international history. It is the stuff that we make stories of. We will tell this story to our grand and great grandchildren. This year 2020. Generations yet unborn will hear of it. It has been a challenging year, but we were born to this, were we not? God knew we would live in this year and He prepared us for it, even though we didn’t know it. May His grace see us through it victoriously. Amen.

While we remember and mourn those of our loved ones, friends, associates, neighbours and acquaintances who succumbed to the virus or those who were killed during the Lekki Massacre and EndSARS protest, we must be grateful for life. The life that we have today. It is not perfect, or convenient, but we are still alive. And when there’s life, there’s hope.

Guess what? Christmas is around the corner! Can you believe it? This week, we will celebrate Christmas! How will Christmas look in a pandemic? Will we still have glad tidings of great joy? I believe so. Because God has a way of surprising us with joy when we least expect it. There are still many reasons to celebrate and give thanks. We have hope for a better tomorrow. We have Jesus Christ, and we know He will guide us through every difficulty.

Joy to the world, our Saviour has come!