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Troubled Waters

I write today with a heavy heart. I look around me and wonder yet again, ‘How did we get here?’ There are many answers. We know some of them. A lot of them are unknown, hidden in the hearts of a few mischief makers, who know what they did in secret to get the results we are seeing in Nigeria today.

Why is it that seemingly overnight, the nation has turned into a war zone? Kidnappings everywhere, ethnic clashes, terrorist attacks, bandit attacks, traffic robberies, insecurity, name it. All of these happenings are ruining the peace of the populace and yet, no voice from the top leadership. Do they no have anything to say and do for the people of Nigeria?

May we not be like the proverbial frog who was boiled in an open pot and could have jumped out at any time, but was oblivious of the heat until it was too late. What is a citizen to do in a place like this? Cry out? People are already crying out, loud. But the ears are not hearing. They are too preoccupied with their own personal matters. They know that you can ignore the masses and get away with it. That has always been the style of leadership. But will that continue?

There is trouble brewing in the land. I wish I knew the exact solution to the chaos, so I could say, let us do this or that. Unfortunately, I don’t. So we must brace up. There is an agenda that seeks to destroy. Rather than wait for it to unfold, let us prepare our own agenda to survive. A survival strategy is very necessary now. What do we do? Pray for a way of escape.

Look for good ways of keeping your head above water. Learn how to swim. Lock your doors. Keep your ears to the ground. Brace.

I pray that we get through this in one piece. Nigeria has always played at the brink of trouble, but by God’s mercies, the boiling always cooled down and issues resolved. I pray the same will happen this time. May we look back and be able to say this is how far God has helped us. Ebenezer.

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