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The Year of Hope, 2021

Wow! We are here! We made it! I am shouting it from the rooftops, let it ring as far as my voice can carry, “We made it!”

How we have longed for this day! The year 2021.

I want to roll on the floor with joy! Wow! Glory to God. He obviously still has a lot of use for us yet!

After a year like 2020, the tendency is to be skeptical and have lowered expectations for 2021. But, No! I expect a lot from this year. I believe that this is a year of hope. With hope renewed and strengthened, we can dream again. We can believe again. And because we are alive, we can gather ourselves together and pursue, overtake and recover all.

We must forge forward right from the first day. While we still struggle to rid ourselves of the leftovers of 2020, while we disentangle ourselves from the weeds and tares that threaten to hold us bound, we must push. We must focus our sight on the land ahead and identify goals that we will chase and get.

What did you miss in 2020? Pursue it now. What opportunities had to be shelved for one reason or the other? What ideas did you warehouse during the lockdown? The doors are open now! Start walking, running, pursuing them.

Don’t be bothered that there seems to be no change around you. Maybe the environment still looks the same? Leave that matter! The calendar has moved. The date has changed and we are in a new year. It is a new day. At a minute past midnight, the night is still as dark as it can be, but the date has changed. You don’t wait till you see the dawn to know that it is a new day. Once the clock is past midnight, it is a new day. Start walking in your day. Very soon, the day will catch up with your actions.

Are you weary and disappointed by 2020 and unable to muster strength? Don’t worry about it. I have heard it said: “If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. The most important thing is that you’re moving forward.”

Keep moving. The strength you need will catch up with you. The enthusiasm you require will do the same. So will the resources that you need.

Our God is doing a new thing. He is making a way where there seems to be no way. What are you waiting for? Heed the Shepherd’s call and let us run with patience, the race that He has set before us. He gives power to the weak and to those who have no might; He increases strength (Isaiah 40:29).

Go on. You’re not alone on this journey. The Shepherd is watching over us, leading us beside still waters and leading us to green pastures. The going may be tough, but understand that the Shepherd is with us through it all.

2021 may not be an easy year, but let us learn from the lessons of the past year and push with renewed strength, drawing on God’s grace and guidance.

Who is on the move? I am!

2021, here we go!

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