Running Through 2019

The journey has begun! It is just a few days into the New Year and the excitement is still on. I feel hope and anticipation for this year. The year feels like a well ripened fruit, heavy with juice and emitting sweet fragrance, waiting to be plucked. And it is left to us to carefully bring it down from the tree and open up the fruit and enjoy its sweetness, without wasting any part of it. The approach must be deliberate, brave and courageous. We must set our faces like a flint, focusing on the goals that are laid on our hearts and going on to execute them, without allowing anything dissuade, discourage or stop us. We must ‘Quit ye like men’ (1Cor.16:13KJV).

Talk is cheap. This year, we must be bold to follow our words with positive action that will yield desired results, constantly pushing forward on all fronts, without relenting. There is a lot in stock. Like Joshua, we must be bold and courageous, not focusing on the high walls of Jericho or the strength and might of the enemy, but looking to the One Who has brought us this far, saying, ‘I have given you Jericho, its king, and all its strong warriors’. (Joshua 6:2) He has given us 2019. And in the light of this, we must get up and start marching round it, following His instructions every step of the way. We must refuse to be intimidated. We must confront our doubts and fears. We must let the fire of God burn in our hearts, setting us on fire for Him, so that the race is not only possible but motivating, getting our hands working and our feet running to fulfill purpose and destiny in this year.

There is a book, a volume of books written about us in heaven, with God’s blueprint for our lives. We must push to ensure that all is fulfilled in our lifetime. How do we do that? By praying, listening and obeying His voice as He guides us on a daily basis. The Bible says that David served God’s purpose in his own generation and died. (Acts 13:36). Don’t you want to do the same? Each of us was made for a purpose. Our timing was planned by God. Our colour, gender, nationality, everything was pre-planned and written down in that volume of books. We need to seek God to know what we are here for and then push in prayer and action to fulfill all.

If you were thinking you are born by accident of nature, think otherwise. Not every sexual act turns into a pregnancy. You were made for a purpose. No two humans are the same. Even identical twins think differently and are independent in character. Own your existence and use it to glorify God. And it is never too late to do this, while you still have life! Now that you are here on earth, discover your purpose in God and pursue it. He wants to reveal His plans and will do if you ask Him. Day by day, moment by moment. The servant of Abraham, Eli, said ‘I being in the way, the Lord led me’. (Gen.24:27) You are already in the way (because you are alive). Let the Lord lead you this year into the wonderful things He has stored up. Don’t let your fear and lack of faith stop you. Ask Him for fresh faith and seeing eyes, to see as He sees. And push – obey His leading, be motivated, be eager, be watchful and prayerful. And see Him work out His plans in wonderful ways this year. Proceed in faith, trusting that faithful is He Who promised, He will do it. (Heb.10:23)

So, in view of all this, I have started taking some bold steps in my life. It is early days yet, but I believe good things will happen as a result. We cannot keep doing the same things and expect a different result. I feel the courage to run through troops and leap over walls. Not because anything has changed physically, but I choose to believe God. If Joshua never left Gilgal, he couldn’t have won Jericho. He proceeded with God’s promise assuring him that Jericho was his. We cannot stay in our comfort zones and expect a different result. Something must give. Do it afraid, but do it. God is holding your hand.

For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand,
Saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you.’ Isaiah 41:13

Find your starting point and run the race of this year with boldness. May God give you grace, strength, wisdom, direction, agility and stamina to run well and finish well.

Grace be with you.

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