That Brute, Nabal!

We see them every day, wolves clothed in sheep clothing, smiling, laughing, eating and drinking like regular human beings. They engage in sane conversations, engage in business, buy and sell like lucid people. But in the secret of their homes, they shed the skin of sheep and put on their monster outfits.

Thinking About King Women!

When I stumbled upon Kemi Adetiba’s King Women series on You Tube a few months back, it was a very happy discovery indeed! I was surprised, not only that she had conceptualized the idea (my assumption), but that she actually got some notable women to feature in the series. I was enthralled by the stories of the women from diverse areas of business and enterprise. I was encouraged by their confidence, their candor, their success, especially when it didn’t look like much would be forthcoming from them at the beginning! The stories were as much alike as they were different. It got me thinking for a very long time.

Life Streams

Think of a gentle flowing stream which had its course well charted. Then comes a heavy rain that fells a big tree along the path of the stream. For a while, the stream struggles with the impediment and flows over and under the tree. After a while, it is possible to see another arm of the stream following the path of the felled tree. While the initial path is retained, a new path is created and the stream flows in two ways. Water always finds a way to flow. If you block its path, it finds another. Our lives are sometimes like that.