Money On My Mind

What is on your mind today? For a lot of us, money will be one of those things on our minds, in the midst of our ‘new normal’ life during this pandemic. Learning how to make your money go further is an essential skill today. How do I retain more of the money that passes through my hands? How do I learn to be prudent and not extravagant? What drives my money habits? How can I win at this money game?

The answers are literally in our hands! It is in the way we make decisions about money. It is in the way we spend or save. It is in the way we invest our funds or budget for the earnings we have. It is in the way we splurge on luxury items or refuse to. We might not realise it, but we actively make money decisions throughout our day, even when it doesn’t look like that is what we are doing. A refusal to put in that extra effort to get a job done can mean the difference between a promotion and a loss of it. It could mean the difference between having to spend your earnings on a family holiday or winning a bonus at work that would pay for it.

What are your long term plans regarding money? Everybody wants to have money. Everybody wants to be rich enough to cover their daily expenses without worry. Wishing is good. But money is not gotten by wishing. As we all know, you have to work for it. The funny thing is, even a thief works for the money. When we work, do business, sell stuff and the money gets in our hands, what do we do with it? Does it fritter through our hands faster than it came, or we are able to retain some after all expenses have been paid?

Answers to these and more can be found in my new book, “Your Money and You”. Buy it, read it, practice the suggestions therein. We can all use a little help with our money management skills!

Have a blessed and fruitful week!

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