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With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, people around the world have had to grapple with serious financial issues, due to the job losses; a side effect of the pandemic. A year into  the pandemic, it is obvious that we have had to tackle unexpected impact on politics, the economy and mental health.

As if it was not bad enough that people had to struggle with their health, the pandemic brought challenges in finances that exacerbated the pain and discomfort of living in a world ravaged by a pandemic.

Personally, I realized that I was spending more on food and groceries because of my reluctance to go out shopping. Everything I needed was ordered online with the added cost of delivery. Things were not adding up. However, because I did not want to venture out, I continued paying more for goods and services. Of course, my pocket felt the impact and at some point, I had to sit down and evaluate my position.

For those with similar stories, my new book, “Your Money & You” will help you to come to terms with your financial realities and provides tips and habit changes required to ensure you attain some level of financial stability and independence.    

The book shares ideas about your money personality and reasons behind the way you see money and spend money. There are tips on budgeting, saving, investing and giving. It also has some tips about loans. Written in simple and easy to understand language, it does not have any financial jargons that could confuse you. And to top it all, you can read the book in one sitting.

What are you waiting for? Grab a copy or the ebook today, available on Amazon Kindle, Okadabooks, Bambooks, Apple iBook, Kobo Books etc.




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