Life’s Journey, Again

Let us be encouraged, and gird ourselves with the truth of God’s word. He will never leave us or forsake us. He is with us, even through this season, perfecting His plans for our lives and ensuring that His will is being done on the earth, as it is in heaven. When we look to Him, He places us and positions us correctly, and aligns us with what He is doing on the earth and in our lives. We have no control over the events that are unfolding, but we have access to the Almighty One Who has everything under His hands.

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March On!

The past month was quite interesting. I had some good times and some not so good. It’s usually in February that the first challenge to our goals and aspirations comes. The initial zeal and fire of January get burnt out in February and except we are able to push through it, everything extraordinary stops there. Life returns to normal and all the things we had resolved to do get forgotten in the humdrum of routine and daily life.