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Ready For A Marathon?

I agree that it is time to move on, but we must be properly equipped for the journey ahead. This is not a journey for the fainthearted. We must focus on the Good Shepherd who knows the way and the destination. Why? We have not travelled this way before. The terrain is strange to us and we do not have a map to follow. But, we have the Way with us. He is ready and willing to guide us. His thoughts towards us are good and He has good plans for us.

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I’m Getting Happy!

COVID-19 is still there. Like an irritant that refuses to go away. And there is still only so much I can do, but I am getting something done. I feel such a relief! I thought my life was over. It’s funny how people around me have been going about their normal business. I just couldn’t get myself together. Mind you, I tried. I avoided listening to the news, I kept my conversations positive. And yet.

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Watching Over His Word

I feel this is how God watches over His word, faithfully and meticulously bringing it to pass; ensuring the word is fulfilled in the perfection of His will. Although from our point of view, we might feel the fulfillment is being delayed, or disrupted. We may feel we have lost time or the opportunity we saw had disappeared. But God, who sees everything beyond what we can see or imagine, He remains in charge and ensures that at the appointed time, His word is fulfilled. His timing is never late or early. He is always right on time. And nothing can change His plans.

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Pain & Healing

This experience helps me appreciate afresh, the healing power of God and His presence with us. He says He will never leave us nor forsake us. He will be with us always. He is with me even now, as I write this. As I think of weight loss strategies and pain management strategies without medication. As I promise myself to stay away from excessive eating and stay committed to walking and healthy eating, He is with me; helping me stay committed to the good things that promote health and healing.


Tenacity of our faith

Today, we, the children of Abraham are uncountable, innumerable, like the sand at the sea shore. All over the world, we exist. In the nooks and crannies of the world, we exist. And every moment there are being added to the church, such as are to be saved! 

So even if you were to count today, can you get them all? Between the time you start counting and the time you finish, there are being added, such as are to be saved, by the minute and by the second!!! To God be the glory!!!